H-Research Asia address all the strategic business and marketing questions you will face to assess opportunities then launch new products in the Asian marketplace.

Where H-Research Asia is truly unique is in the way we put our resources together to guarantee that all relevant insight will be gathered to feed our evidence based recommendations.

We articulate our unique way to lead strategic initiatives around three main components:

  1. Our custom approaches
  2. Our hands-on process
  3. Our 4 Pillars of Insight

A. Our Custom Approaches

As a healthcare research consultancy, we need to leverage from all available information to identify the knowledge gaps and build adequate primary research methodologies.

We typically design a comprehensive approach and combine multiple sources of information to extract insight and deliver compelling marketing recommendations that address your business question.

Depending on the business issues and the countries/markets to investigate, we recommend the optimal business solutions and methodologies to implement, purely driven by depth and quality of insight. While Face-to-Face interactions with our senior consultants has been a proven approach to establish H-Research Asia as a trusted research stakeholder part of the healthcare community. Other approaches are regularly followed to thoroughly address clients business questions, such as Focus Groups or Online Bulletin boards for Qualitative approaches, and CATI, CAPI, online for Quantitative methods.

  • Face to Face IDIs
  • TDIs
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Internal Documentation
    • Stakeholders Alignment at Kick-Off [Workshop]
    • Finding Implementation at Regional and Country or
    • Finding Implementation at Local [Workshop]
  • Face to Face
  • Online & Technology
    • Desk research & Literature review
    • Local database access
    • Epidemiology
    • KOLs validation

At H-Research Asia, uncovering actionable insight is an obsession. Most of the time, we may well pursue a well-proven research methodology, thoroughly executed by our senior research consultants. In other instances, we believe some custom-design innovative approaches are required to truly dig into more-depth and uncover hidden critical insight.

Those ‘fresh’ approaches have been tested, then adapted to the specific Asia environment. Indeed, Healthcare stakeholders in Asia do have some specific behaviours and expectations. It is our role at H-research Asia to ensure that our proposed methodologies are fully adapted to the local Asian context.

  • Asian custom Projective Techniques
  • Delphi experts
  • Triads
  • Ethnography
  • QUAL Conjoint
  • KOL mapping
  • 360° Business Assessment
    • Emotional Drivers Discovery
    • SFE: Mirror Analysis
    • Pricing Optimization
    • Conjoint
    • Patient Charts
    • Technology Devices

At H-research Asia, we have experience in reaching out a wide array of stakeholders involved in the healthcare environment. Providing strategic recommendations in the fast-evolving and complex Asian environment often requires gathering insight from multiple perspectives.

The healthcare PROVIDER has been historically the core target to rely on to drive business decisions, and still is. However, as the end beneficiary, ‘THE PATIENT’ is becoming more prominent, also in the Asia region, to be now at the cornerstone of marketing strategies focused on ‘patient centricity’. Similarly, ‘THE PAYER’, regardless whether private or public, is also a critical stakeholder to fully access the Asian market and unleash the product full potential.

  • KoLs
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Patients
  • Caregivers
  • MoH
  • HTA
  • Academic
  • Pharmacists
  • Distributors
  • Staff Manufacturers

B. Our Hands-On Process


Besides our custom approaches for Asia, H-Research Asia is unique in the way we put the right resources together to guarantee actionable insight.

People you engage with are fully involved, for every phase of the research, from the beginning to the very end… and beyond.

We believe trust and partnership can only emerge from such close senior collaboration.

1. We actively listen to your issue!
2. We tailor a research approach
3. We thoroughly gather information
4. We analyze to provide visual insight
5. We present recommendations and ensure commitment and implementation

C. Our 4 pillars of Insight

Insight is sometimes an over-used term, that can be seen as a buzzword. At H-Research Asia we strongly believe that as a research consultancy ‘insight’ should be our ultimate goal to provide Life Science Industry optimal decision support.

We consider ‘insight’ as a complex concept that needs to be nurtured with many ingredients. Triggering insight requires a subtle combination of rational and intuitive skills, a mix of science and art, acute observation followed by deduction and discernment. Outlined below are the four key pillars we believe are critical to deliver true insight. Again, this would only be achievable with the right people fully dedicated to your project.