At H-Research Asia, we have built a suite of approaches dedicated to Asia in order to maximize the chances of success of your products in the Asia region.

Typically our approaches address market access and marketing business issues that your product team face from a couple of years prior launch in country, until patent expiration and beyond.

Most of our approaches would fit within 3 sequential phases:

Typically, as your product comes onto the radar screen post Phase III clinical trial, the next key business issues to be addressed will start with…


  • Market sizing and potential
  • Competitive landscape
  • Buying Process & Treatment Algorithm
  • Patient journey
  • Influential stakeholders & KOL mapping
  • Licensing opportunities




Then, H-Research Asia provides best fact-evidence support so you can build and develop your product offer for the region, leverage from internal regional/global insight for ensuring a consistent platform, though customizing some aspects to maximize local penetration in Asia.


  • Product concept evaluation
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Market segmentation
  • Pricing maximizing revenues
  • Patient Access Programs evaluation
  • Value treatment & Reimbursement




Once launched into the market, H-Research Asia continue providing consulting and research guidance to best monitor the performance of your products at a local level, as well as assessing on-going threats and opportunities as marketplace keeps evolving.


  • Brand Equity
  • Prescription Behaviors & Patient Shares
  • Repositioning & Messaging
  • Sales Force Effectiveness assessment
  • Optimal value proposition for Public market entry
  • 360⁰ Business Assessment